ZEUS® SaaS - Software as a Service

ZEUS® SaaS - Software as a Service

Security and highest availability for your personnel data - ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified

Outsourcing - ZEUS® Time & Attendance as Software as a Service

Users are increasingly choosing not to host software solutions within their own IT environment, preferring to use an external data centre managed by specialist service providers. With our optimum computing environment, high-performance operating systems and administration services, ISGUS SaaS solutions can relieve you yet another responsibility. ISGUS also offers outsourced payroll or accounting services within our solutions, managed from our own secure data centre.

How do you work with ZEUS® as a SaaS user?

Our SaaS offering allows you to work independently and individually, as you would with an in-house solution. From the first consultation, ISGUS builds a proactive and personalised partnership with your business. Experts at your local ISGUS sales centre will work alongside you to manage your system customisation and to support you through a software maintenance hotline. Our SaaS Time & Attendance solution unburdens you from operating complex in-house resources, including IT infrastructure technical support, system administration, financial and personnel resources, server equipment, licences and maintenance. The ZEUS® Time & Attendance as SaaS takes care of it all.

ISGUS data centre availability

Your ZEUS® application and database solution is available 24/7, with no exceptions. The ISGUS data centre is easy to reach and help is usually more readily available than through an in-house IT department.

Safety and data protection

The ISGUS data centre is located within the ISGUS company premises in Villingen-Schwenningen, which are secured by fences, gates and shutters. Extremely high levels of security are a compulsory requirement under stringent German law—Isgus applies the necessary measures to fulfil these standards.

We also comply with legal security in accordance with GDPR regulations on data protection and data security. For instance, time recording is subject to high levels of sensitivity due to data containing time tracking, productivity, absences and personal holiday planning. We provide the highest level of security for our SaaS customers. How safe is employee data and where is it stored? Who has access to the data and for what purpose? Who is liable and who are they accountable to? With our dedicated data security roles, ISGUS has the answer to all of these questions.

Modular structure

Extend and enhance your ZEUS® Software as a Service at any time with the following complementary modules:

Whichever ISGUS ZEUS® software solution you choose, it will be tailored to the individual needs of your business.

Total Cost of Ownership
Important parameters for consideration of the total cost of ownership

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