Accurate information on processes and projects </br>ZEUS® Production Data Capture

Accurate information on processes and projects
ZEUS® Production Data Capture

Gain real-time visibility into workforce data, optimize efficiency and increase employee productivity

As individual as your company

As individual as your company

Access to real-time and reliable production data is a fundamental requirement for management and control of production sequences. Accurate production data leads to reduced process times, effective cost controls, optimised planning sequences and detailed information on both lead and setup times.

Our ZEUS® Production Data Capture (PDC) solution is as individual as your company. ISGUS expertise provides you with an individual PDC solution, from detailed analysis, provision and installation to integration with your ERP system. We will customise our hardware and software solution to meet your exact requirements.

Improvements resulting from accurate data

Accurate, real-time data enables you to identify any potential “hot spots”—in order to optimise and streamline critical areas of your production processes, including:

  • Process acceleration
  • Adherence to scheduled deadlines
  • Full cost control
  • Optimisation of planned work shifts
  • Flexibility to update target and set-up times

With our ZEUS® Production Data Capture, your management teams can access data instantly. This can be used for operational performance analysis—including comparative key figures across business units, order history or target versus actual times.

ERP based production

Flexible, bi-directional ERP communication with all major suppliers is a key element of our ZEUS® Production Data Capture module. Tailor our solution to suit your specific ERP environment, without the need to revert to time-consuming and costly individual programming procedures. Our professional expertise is reflected in the 15.000 installations we have carried out for clients around the world.

Modular structure

The ZEUS® Production Data Capture module can be extended at any time with the following complementary modules:

Maximise your efficiency with our ZEUS® Production Data Capture solution, adapted to your specific business environment.

Why ZEUS® Production Data Capture ensures more transparency and more efficiency for your company? We show it to you:

Whitepaper on software for your production

Whitepaper on software for your production

You are intrested in: ZEUS® Production Data Capture - for transpartent production data? Learn more about shop flor data collection with coupling to your ERP solution in our Whitepaper. 

Production Data Capture - comprehensive information for the exact control of production processes


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Production Data Capture, Time & Attendance, Employee-Self-Service, Access Control

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Production Data Capture, Time & Attendance, Employee-Self-Service, Access Control

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Production Data Capture, Time & Attendance, Employee-Self-Service


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