ZEUS® Workforce Management by ISGUS UK

ISGUS UK provides a range of solutions to optimize your personnel and time management. We can help your organisation to manage time and employee’s accurately and efficiently to improve your productivity. Our integrated modules for Time Management, Staff Scheduling, Production Data Capture and Access Control will be adapted to cater for the individual needs of your business. Each individual product functions as a powerful tool to help you improve the operation systems in your organisation on a day-to-day basis. Combine our products for a complete overhaul of your workforce management.

Whatever the requirements of your organisation, our platforms and services can provide a complete solution. We will support you through set-up and implementation of your chosen productions, for both "on premise" installations or ISGUS cloud storage solutions.

At ISGUS we understand that no two businesses are the same. Whatever your needs, you can trust our solutions and support to optimize workforce management in your organisation.

Workforce Management
time & attendance time & labour access control staff scheduling

Solve time consuming tasks with our user-friendly time & attendance solution

ISGUS Cloud SaaS

ISGUS Cloud SaaS

With SaaS, you work just as independently and individually as with an in-house solution. Get to know the benefits.

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ISGUS Terminal IT 8210

ISGUS Terminal IT 8210

We design and manufacture our own products. Being one of a few time & attendance companies that do.

To the IT 8210

ZEUS® mobile App

ZEUS® mobile App

Provides a flexible T&A and Data Collection tool for smartphones and tablets. Mobile, modern, multifunctional.



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Digital overview of the working time frame of your employees.

ZEUS® Workforce Management instantly provides you with an overview of the working time frame of your employees. To our video...

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