<strong>Time and Attendance in the UK</strong>

Time and Attendance in the UK

Nowadays, time recording is more than just the mindless writing down of working hours to control the work performed. Rather, it is an instrument for flexibilisation, digitalisation and corporate management that helps supervisors and employees to plan working hours and to coordinate with colleagues more easily. Time recording is the basis for modern workforce management.

Beside the advancing digitalisation, it is also necessary to comply with legal and internal company requirements. In addition, the demands on a Time and Attendance system are constantly growing on the part of the company as well as on the part of the employees, so that suitable software must constantly evolve. 

The ISGUS ZEUS® Time & Attendance solution meets these demands and responds to the individual needs of your company. No two companies are the same, so the time recording system should not be either - when we set it up, we discuss your requirements in detail and adapt the system optimally to them. You can then use your time recording not only stationary on the terminal, but also highly flexible either on the PC or via the ISGUS app on any smartphone.

Regardless of the number of employees in your company and the industry sector, the ISGUS solution is always available to you exactly when you need it. 

Whitepaper on the individual solution for your Time & Attendance

Whitepaper on the individual solution for your Time & Attendance

You are interested in: ZEUS® Time and Attendance - the individual solution for all industries and company-sizes? Learn more about time management, which is exactly tailored to your needs, in our Whitepaper.

Digital time recording as a response to a changing working world




Digital time recording with the ISGUS ZEUS® solution keeps you constantly informed about your personal balance and remaining days of leave. At the terminal in the office, online in the home office or mobile on the road, you have all the data at hand to make flexible decisions and thus improve your personal work-life balance.


Coordination with your colleagues to plan and implement absences is greatly simplified by digital time recording. In a clear group calendar, you can see all the absences already planned for your team and can thus plan your leave without any further coordination effort. ZEUS® also simplifies the approval process. The approver is informed directly about a new request and can also approve it via his smartphone if necessary. If other colleagues need to be informed, this is also done directly digitally and without further coordination.


Like all modules of ISGUS Workforce Management, ZEUS® Time and Attendance can also be outsourced and used as Software as a Service. The ISGUS Cloud is available for this purpose! You save yourself any administration effort, relieve your IT department and also avoid downtimes due to maintenance or hardware updates. The use of the ISGUS data centre also shifts the investment risk, as you can prepare for costs that can be planned in the long term. 

Why should you use ZEUS® Time and Attendance to record the working hours of your employees? - We show it to you: