COVID-19: our products and services assure workplace continuity, and we are committed to offering our unwavering support

As we all endeavour to cope with COVID-19 and the subsequent disruption to industry, ISGUS UK and our subsidiaries are dedicated to the protection of our colleagues, while providing continued support to our valued customers with their Time and Attendance, and Access Control Managment solutions within the current restrictions.

  • You can call (01793) or email our dedicated Software Support team, who are working as usual from the safety of their homes.
  • All scheduled meetings are being held by telephone conference or remote session.
  • Face to face training is being replaced by webinars.
  • Our supply chain for standard products is guaranteed.
  • Our support is available via phone, email or through our website as usual.
  • For our SaaS clients, the availability of your ZEUS® Workforce Managment in the ISGUS Cloud and all related services is guaranteed.
  • Should the current situation create any new requirements for your Time Management, we will be happy to advise on the best possible solution.