ISGUS News 39_2011_web

11 VIDEO HOMEPAGE STAFF SCHEDULING WORKING WITH ZEUS® We are delighted to receive such positive feedback on our video clips intended to show you how your work can be organised in a highly efficient way using ZEUS® Work- force Management. Beside tackling the access control issues, a major focus of our latest video is on staff scheduling showing how easy shift planning can be. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling takes all important parameters into account, such as staff qualifications, absence planning, time account balances and employee preferences. The presence staffing display and the shift offering feature will assist you when things fail to run according to plan. Based on digital processes, ZEUS® Workforce Manage- ment enables an efficient and economic time manage- ment. ZEUS® Staff Scheduling allows you to consi- derably reduce scheduling efforts while improving the planning quality. The shift offering option is the perfect answer to competently solve understaffing issues, for instance due to employee no-shows for sickness, etc. Eligible employees with the appropriate qualification are automatically listed and, once selected, they can be easily informed on the pending shift offer either via the integrated messenger available on the ISGUS terminal, the ZEUS® inbox or via email and push notification on their mobile device. In turn, employees can interactively provide their feedback, i. e. acceptance or rejection of the suggested shift, via the same media. Furthermore, ZEUS® Workforce Management comes along with a “Shift swap” feature that empowers emplo- yees to easily and efficiently swap shifts among them- selves. Using the same digital communication channels as other ZEUS® modules, the interactive shift swapping option can be integrated in a quick and easy way. Our first video about digital time management was a great success. In the latest video clip, we extent the focus to cor- porate security and staff scheduling aspects. TO THE VIDEO: A SUCCESSFUL WORKING DAY STARTS WITH ZEUS® WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT