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10 Medium-sized companies have been awarded with the SME Award for “Social Responsibility 2020” by Caritas, Dia- konie and the Ministry of Economics during a digital award ceremony. The Award is intended to strengthen the social commitment of companies headquartered in Baden-Württemberg. During the SME Award ceremony 2020, ISGUS GmbH has been awarded the certificate of “Social commitment 2020” for social responsibility in the state of Ba- den-Württemberg. In the award’s accompanying letter, the jury stated: “With your commitment, you actively participate in shaping society which is increasingly im- portant today, more than ever before.” For many years ISGUS has been actively supporting the “Vesper church” in Schwenningen as well as the „Pro-Kids“ Foundation, both local initiatives assisting the needy and socially disadvantaged people - this year, ISGUS received this award for the 9th time in a row. Even this year despite the coronavirus pandemic, a huge number of companies located in Baden-Württemberg applied for the SME Award which is granted for outstan- ding “Corporate Social Responsibility” activities (CSR). Through this special award, the two charity organisa- tions Caritas and Diakonie in Baden-Württemberg as well as the Ministry of Economics honour the voluntary social and charitable engagement of small to medium-si- zed companies. The unendowed price is awarded under the motto “Performance – Commitment – Recognition” since 2007. The unbroken high participation shows how naturally companies are prepared to actively assume social responsibility in cooperation with non-profit charitable partners. Particularly worth mentioning is the fact that the corporate commitment to social issues has been sustained even during economically difficult times - as experienced over the past few months, with numerous Covid-19 restrictions in place. COMMITMENT RESPONSIBILITY SOCIALLY ENGAGED MEDIUM-SIZED BUSINESS AWARD SOZIAL ENGAGIERT 2020 SME AWARD FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY