<strong>Time Recording with the mobile App in the UK</strong>

Time Recording with the mobile App in the UK

This saves you time and nerves: whether in Staff Scheduling, Time and Attendance, communication or the task management. Regardless of whether you create a duty roster for your company in the head office or whether an employee accesses the staff scheduling via the ISGUS app - ISGUS is available on all devices such as desktop, smartphone and tablet. That convinces the users! Of course, we are GDPR-compliant in the process. You will love it. And so will your employees!

ISGUS offers the individual solution for all industries:

For time recording, mobile working also means recording working and project times where they occur, if desired also with geodataMobile working is in vogue. Not only since the beginning of the corona crisis have more and more people been working away from the office in their home offices or on the road. Time recording must also adapt to the changed working conditions - because working and project times want to be recorded where they occur. With the ZEUS® mobile app, ISGUS has created a way to make workforce management mobile.

Whitepaper about the ISGUS App

Whitepaper about the ISGUS App

You are interested in: ZEUS® mobile - the app, that makes your time management mobile? Learn more about working and project time recording via mobile smartphone app everywhere at any time in our Whitepaper.

Mobile time management - Record working hours where they occur




Create workflow requests for booking updates, absences and business trips and approve the requests of your employees conviniently on your smartphone. Information about the scheduled personnel deployment and the employees currently presence in your area of responsibility are always at hand. 

Record working times and productive times wherever they occur. Request or approve workflow requests on the move, inform yourself of the employees currently presence and the schedued staff and use the shift swap function where and when you need it - mobile on the move! With ZEUS® mobile you have your workforce management always with you.


ZEUS® mobile is an online solution. As soon as the server connection is interrupted, all recoded bookings are stored on the mobile device. In the case of offline queries, previous day results are displayed. With the next synchronisation, the bookings are then transferred to the host and the offline query values are updated. 

Only for SaaS customers in the ISGUS data centre a permanent online connection to their host is available. Users of an on premise solution need a public IP address with a certificate or a VPN tunnel for an online connection. 


When employees fail to work on short term, due to sickness or an appointment, even an ideally scheduled shift can fast end up in chaos. Especially, if employees who could be considered as replacements are not available. ZEUS® mobile offers an intelligent and flexible way out. Employees have access to a shift swap function from on the move - and thus can indepentendly and without lenghty consultations swap shifts with colleagues or take over additional shifts. Also the flow of information is noticably improved thanks to ZEUS® mobile. Messages can be send to employees with the push of a button. These messages then appear immediately on the smartphone or tablet as a push message.


The smart solutions from ISGUS are completely modular and can be extended at any time. From Time and Attendance and Access Control to the coupling with SAP HCM systems, ISGUS fullfills all requirements for a modern, smart and efficient Workforce Management. ZEUS® mobile now brings workforce management to decision-makers on the move - no matter where they are. Specially in combination with the ISGUS SaaS offer, company-internal processes are completely disconnected from the location. Thus, decision-makers have the possibility to keep an eye on the daily business at any time and from every location in the world.

Mobile Time Management with the ISGUS App. We present numerous functions - see for yourself:


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