<strong>Time Recording for SAP users - UK</strong>

Time Recording for SAP users - UK

Since 1994, ISGUS is a SAP partner and has gained a well-founded know how and experience from several large and medium-sized SAP projects. The ISGUS solution ZEUS® CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM for Time & Attendance and Access Control is ideally tailored to SAP users. The compatibility of the ISGUS solution ZEUS® CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM with the current versions S/4HANA and ERP 6.0 EhP5 is guaranteed and the current recertification by SAP has recently been completed. 

ISGUS offers the individual solution for all industries:

With ZEUS® CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM, SAP users have a reliable and technological highly-modern solution available to connect all ISGUS terminals for time and data recording as well as the whole portfolio of readers and components for corporate security and the management of visitors and external persons to SAP.

Major customers from all areas of the economy, public administration and the police have been working successfully for years with the qualitatively convincing hardware and software products from ISGUS.

Whitepaper about the optimal time recording for SAP users

Whitepaper about the optimal time recording for SAP users

You are interested in: ZEUS® CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM? Learn more about the reliable and secure time and data recording with SAP in our Whitepaper.

ZEUS® CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM - The advantages of a convergence of smart ERP with smart workflow management




ZEUS® CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM reliably communicates via the HR-PDC interface with SAP. All relevant data from time recording are easily exchanged between SAP and ZEUS® CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM. This way you get the best of both worlds, because the stable data collection with the help of the user-friendly ISGUS terminals and the powerful SAP solutions complement each other.  

Your employees book their clocking-in and clocking-out times quickly, contactlessly and easily at the ISGUS terminals. They also receive information about the current status of their time accounts, bookings, balances or remaining holiday. ZEUS® CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM delivers the recorded personnel events automatically and directly to SAP ECC, where the data is processed and available for current evaluations.


In conjunction with SAP PP, ISGUS offers you the possibility to show optimization potential in production and thus increase productivity. The software gets all relevant production, order and master data via the ERP interface, to check all time and payslip related events in advance. The evaluated data are repoted back to your SAP system. Orders, operations, processes, start/stop bookings, quantity bookings, collective orders and completion notifications are entered quickly and without errors. You book at the ISGUS PDC terminals, at platform-independent clients or at mobile data entry devices in all your production areas, in construction and development.


If you want to use your ZEUS® system not just as a recording, but also as a counting system, the calculated values can directly be transferred to the SAP infotype Payslips. This applies to both absence times and absence periods. The data determined is then used for payroll accounting.


The diversity of security requirements demands open and combinable access control systems. Here too, ZEUS® CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM creates the connection to SAP ECC. With ZEUS® CONNECT 4, you control access via the integrated digital locking plan and use features such as room or time zone monitoring, the dual control principle and room balancing. All information supplied is processed immediately. The IT 4100 series terminals open and monitor doors, control lifts and barriers and protect employees and know-how. All common reading methods are available for identification. The access readers are available with and without a keypad for PIN entry or as a biometric solution for fingerprint identification and verification.

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