<strong>Staff Scheduling in the UK</strong>

Staff Scheduling in the UK

The correct planning of staff on available shifts, taking into account qualifications, needs, hours already worked and some legal framework conditions, is a complex task. In addition, employees' preferences regarding working time and place of work must be taken into account. Digital solutions, such as ZEUS® Staff Scheduling from ISGUS, support you in this and make planning easier. While conventional solutions rely on Excel or even manual planning with pen and paper, you have many advantages with a digital system, especially in terms of efficiency. 

The core task of staff scheduling is to staff all services and shifts with the right number of employees and qualifications so that the company's goals in terms of delivery reliability, customer service or turnover can be achieved. In doing so, short-, medium- and long-term developments must be taken into account, which can differ in every industry and every company. Often a multi-stage planning process takes place, in which first employee preferences are requested and then planning drafts are created, until finally the final duty roster can be published. 

Staff Scheduling is often closely related to flexibility. If employees are absent at short notice, suitable replacements must be found quickly so that the duty schedule can be adjusted. Digital communication between employees and supervisors, but also between employees themselves, significantly speeds up coordination and makes it less prone to errors. Intelligent staff scheduling is your key to success. 



Time and again, short-term adjustments to the duty roster are necessary. There are various reasons and measures for this. 

If an employee is likely to be absent, he or she can make direct digital contact with colleagues and look for a replacement. If this search is successful and both employees agree to a replacement, this proposal goes to the supervisor for approval. 

If the planner notices that a shift is not yet fully occupied, he can offer the free shift via the shift offer and thus find the optimal staffing. Both options are very efficient and take place completely digitally.


Thanks to the modern solutions from ISGUS, all employees can be integrated into the planning process from any location. When the next planning period is due, employees can simply enter their desired shifts from home via their smartphone and thus store a preference. Of course, this also works after the shift or during breaks at the intelligent ISGUS terminal or the possibilities of the PC interface. 

Transparent processes and the integration of everyone thus ensure a stronger corporate bond between employees and overall increased employee satisfaction. 


The ZEUS® Time and Attendance and Staff Scheduling software modules harmonise perfectly with each other. Both reliably transfer required data and thus ensure optimal planner knowledge. For staff scheduling, you have a clear overview of all your employees' time accounts and can also see the work they have done so far, even at weekends or at night. 

Thanks to the diverse and always up-to-date information in ZEUS®, you accelerate your planning processes and gain efficiency. This saves time for other projects, which means you experience overall cost savings. 

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