Time management in the ISGUS Cloud ZEUS®SaaSassists you in improvingyour cost structureandat the same timeprovidesa more reliablebasis for the ITbudget planningprocess. Thebenefitsarising fromZEUS® Time&Attendancewith itsmodules for Staff SchedulingandAccessControl complemented by thequantifiableadvantagesofferedby the ISGUSdatacentre create real addedvalue that canmakeadecisivedifferencewith regard toyour competition. The ISGUSdatacentre is located inGermanyand, therefore, both theGerman lawand theEUGDPR legislationare applicableensuringahigh level of dataprotectionanddataprivacy. Competent consulting Wenot onlyadviseyouwith regard to the solution that best suits youandyour business. Comparewithus theTotal Cost ofOwnershipof acustomizedon-premise installationversus the cost of anequivalent SaaSsolution. Thiswayyoucanopt for themost compellingsolu- tion that best suits your company.Weoffer you the choice! How do you work with ZEUS® as a SaaS user? » SaaScustomersaccess their ZEUS®systemhosted in the ISGUSdatacentreover the web. ZEUS® isa .NETdevelopedweb-basedsolutionmakingclient software (terminal server, Citrix, etc.) obsolete! » WithZEUS®asSaaS, youwork just as independentlyand individuallyaswithan in-house solution. » Youarenot ananonymousdatacentre client, but ISGUS is your activepartner at all times. Your local ISGUSsales centrewill guideandassist youasacompetent andexperienced businesspartner right fromthefirst consultation,will take careof customizing the system andprovideprofessional hotline support and remotemaintenance services. Which cost savings do you benefit from as a SaaS user? » Our cloudsolutionmeansno investment incostly IThardwareonsite, suchas servers, operatingsystems, database licences, etc.! » Furthermore, all ongoingcosts formaintenanceandupdatingof your ownIT infra- structureareeliminated! » Upfront investment for ZEUS®software licencesandsoftwareupdatesareno longer required! In the ISGUSdatacentre, youalwaysworkwithour latest, successfully tested and fail-safeprogramversion. » Nomoreneed for administrative tasks, databackups, softwareupdates, etc. tobehan- dledbyyour ownITpersonnel. Inaddition, the implementationandongoingoperation of our cloudsolutioncanbe realised independentlyof anyother ITprojectsmanaged withinyour organisation. » You transfer the investment riskbecauseyouonlypay for the regular operationwithout financial pre-investments. » For your company, thismeansasubstantially improvedcost structureandanenhanced planningsecurity for your financeandbudgetaryplanning!