HYBRID WORKING WORLD ZEUS® DIGITAL HYBRID WORKING FUTURE OF WORKS The future of work is hybrid: The digital Workforce Management is your key to success… The measures imposed since the corona pandemic started, noticeably accelerated modern forms of working like home office. But flexible working time models have been an important aspect for a high employer attractiveness before corona. The current pandemic shows, it is decisive to quickly react to arising situations during a crisis and to be able to adapt. Companies that improve their adaptability with hybrid corporate and working time models will be able to react to changing conditions fast and flexible in the future. Hybrid working defines a style of working, where presence in the office and working from home merge together. Hybrid working offers changes for employers as well as for employees. Therefore, some framework condition for hybrid working must to be created. It is important to establish a digital communication and a powerful workforce management. Only in this way can separate teams perform. Thanks to hybrid working, employees can work much more concentrated then in open-plan offices, because disruptive factors are eliminated. As an effect, the working time and the productivity increase. At the same time, hybrid working has a positive effect on people’s wellbeing, which has a lasting motivational effect. For employees and companies, this development means an enormous gain in flexibility and satisfaction. ZEUS® Workforce Management supports you in the introduction of hybrid work concepts. The future of work is hybrid: The digital Workforce Management from ISGUS is your key to success. 8 NEUE APP: ZEUS® smartID HYBRID WORKING WORLD