CORPORATE SECURITY Probably the most highly regarded innovation is the web-based ZEUS® Security Monitor... The annual conferences for the consultants of the ISGUS Group are traditionally the platform where trends and innovations of the ISGUS development are introduced. 2021, this part of the event was all about corporate security. Summarised, the ISGUS portfolio in the field of access control and security will be extended through multiple innovations: ZEUS® Security Monitor Probably the most highly regarded innovation is the web-based ZEUS® Security Monitor. Even in the standard version, data points for doors, windows, lock bolts, motorised latches, cameras as well as links can be freely positioned on graphics such as floor plans. Data points are linked to the sensors and actuators of ZEUS® Access Control to visualize events or to remotely control actions such as the opening of doors. Access events are categorised. For each event type, the associated reactions are clearly defined. These may include, for instance, the display of action catalogues or the notification of certain persons by e-mail or push notification. Thus, the ZEUS® Security Monitor fulfils essential functions of a security control station. Elements of the Security Monitor frequently required by the user, like access areas, camera pictures, catalogue of measures and control elements can be clearly arranged and called up on customizable dashboards. ZEUS® smartID Use the ISGUS app ZEUS® smartID to open doors, gates and barriers with your smartphone via Bluetooth from distances up to 10 metres and without expensive long-range technology. All ISGUS readers for access control and of the IT series for time recording are available with Bluetooth from now on. However, the devices can still be operated with the secured proximity procedure MifareDESFire, but work in conjunction with ZEUS® smartID via a secure Bluetooth connection. ZEUS® SMART ID ACCESS CONTROL REGARDED INNOVATION ZEUS® SECURITY MONITOR 5 ISGUS NEWS Edition 42 2022 CORPORATE SECURITY