ZEUS® Plant Data Collection

ZEUS® Plant Data Collection

Plant Data Collection with ZEUS®

In order to provide increased productivity and cost reduction, the processes within your company must be transparent. Our ZEUS® Plant Data Collection solution offers potential optimisation and will assist you highlighting the weaker points of your production process.


Using the ISGUS expertise will provide you with an individual Plant Data Collection/ Plant Data Capture solution, meeting the individual needs of your business, from detailed analysis to the provision, integration and installation with your ERP system. We will assist you in customising our hard- and software solution to meet your requirements.

Benefits thanks to your ZEUS® Plant Data Collection solution - Secure and precise data capture

Irrespective of whether it is a small, simple, basic job costing solution you require, project recording within small and medium sized companies, or complex solutions with ERP interface – ZEUS® Plant Data Collection provides essential, accurate information on processes and operational sequences.

Fast, accurate job recording, operational sequences and projects are made via the ISGUS PDC terminals, either from mobile recording devices or via software terminals, directly from the workplace and from all manufacturing areas e.g. production, engineering or development. Comprehensive validation checks ensure precise recording of your data. 

Potential for improvements - resulting from accurate data

With accurate real-time data from ZEUS® Plant Data Collection, you can identify any potential “hot spots” enabling you to optimise and streamline critical areas of your production processes: 

  • Acceleration of processes
  • Adherence to scheduled deadlines
  • Full cost control
  • Optimisation of planned workshifts
  • Ability to update target and set-up times 

Management information is available at any time for analysis of operational performance: comparative values across business units, order history or target versus actual times.

ERP based production

A key element of our ZEUS® Plant Data Collection concept is the flexible bidirectional ERP communication with all major suppliers, enabling you to parameterise it exactly to your ERP environment, without the need to revert to time and cost consuming individual programming procedures. Our professional expertise is reflected in our many installations.

Modular structure

The ZEUS® Plant Data Collection module can be extended at any time with the following modules:

We adapt our ZEUS® Plant Data Collection solution to your individual environment, enabling you to maximise your efficiency potential.



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