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Visitor authorisations can be easily and quickly managed by your gatekeeper, security or the reception staff. Upon entering your premises, each visitor receives a personalised badge, granting access only to specifically designated areas and rooms with a defined time limit allocated.

Professional Visitor Management

Access authorisations are easily and quickly defined by your front-office staff. Visitors can only access a specified route within a defined time range allocated to them, eliminating any potential breach within your security procedures.

Your advantages

For visitors with temporary access to particular rooms or room zones, the software can be used as a stand-alone solution or as an integrated module in combination with ZEUS® Access Control and Time & Attendance.

The solution facilitates and automates all processes related to registered and unregistered company visits. This includes the prompt registration of visitor data, the issue of personalised visitor badges with corresponding access authorisations and the automatic blocking of badges at the end of the visit or after a predefined time.

Focus on Visitor Management

Within all sectors of business and Public Administration, security plays an increasingly important role. An efficient Visitor Management software enables you to securely identify, guide and manage visitors, suppliers, temporary workers and subcontractors on your premises in a professional manner.

Professional Visitor Management software identifies, guides and manages visitors, suppliers, temporary workers and subcontractors on your premises.

Easy & Quick


Internal visitor registration

Visitor registration: the front desk collects all relevant data of preregistered visitors 


Even unannounced guests can spontaneously be registered at the front desk.


Welcome messages for the visitor (e.g. on-screen display).


Handing over of the temporary validated visitor badge including the corresponding access authorisations.


The visitor enters the company premises. The authorisations guide the visitor through the building. This ensures safety.


At the end of the visit or after a predefined time, the badge is automatically blocked.


Locking Systems

ZEUS® keyless offers virtually unlimited options to control digital locking cylinders


Badge Personalisation

Employee badges with individual company design via ZEUS® picture

Badge Personalisation


Information for ZEUS® Access Control


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