Improving employee efficiency is something every employer should consider - particularly in the current climate.

In the days of mechanical clocks, it wouldn't be unusual for them to be a few minutes slow or fast. Most of us have rushed into work at some time or other, thinking we're on time, only to find we're five minutes late, due to a clock at home being slow.

From humble beginnings, with two employees and two apprentices, ISGUS now has offices all over the world including in the UK, the United States and Canada.

Maintaining a steady workflow and keeping a record of time is crucial to running an efficient company. When it comes to filling your day with useful tasks, every minute counts.

People celebrate the New Year all over the world - with the parties beginning in earnest as soon as the clock strikes twelve.

When we hear the opening bars of the festive anthem, It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, we're immediately transported to the winter wonderland of Christmas.



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Munich, 24.06.-25.06.2020
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Zukunft Personal Europe

Cologne, 15.09.-17.09.2020
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Time & Attendance and Plant Data Collection – Process optimisation


SME Sector

Time & Attendance for the SME sector – Individual solutions are our strength

SME Sector

Public Services

Time & Attendance for Local Authorities & Public Services sector – ISGUS knowledge & quality

Public Services

Transport & Logistics

In the right place at the right time with ZEUS® Staff Scheduling

Transport & Logistics


Increased efficiency and cost reduction with ZEUS® Time Management


Banks & Insurances

ZEUS® Time Management and Access Control solutions for Banks and Financial Services

Banks & Insurances

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