The world's most secure buildings

There are some buildings in the world where the owners have pulled out all the stops to make sure unauthorised people can't gain access. Here are some of the top ultra-secure buildings that exist on the planet.

Fort Knox

Located in Kentucky, USA, this no-go zone is set on an army base. It keeps the US Bullion Depository (at least 5,000 tons of gold) safeguarded behind a 22-ton vault door, with a complex security combination system. High security fences and walls surround the building, and helicopters and tanks are on standby should any intruders approach the building.

Area 51

Nobody knows much about this secretive air force base located in the middle of the Nevada desert, but what is certain, is that it boasts some of the most high-tech security systems on the planet. It also operates a no-fly zone and has motion sensors in place that are so sensitive they can detect the difference between human and animal movements. Rumours abound that the base is linked to research into UFOs, although it's more likely to be a centre for testing experimental aircraft.

ADX Florence Prison

This supermax prison in Colorado, USA, is dubbed the 'Alcatraz of the Rockies', and houses some of the most fearsome criminals in the land. With such dangerous inmates, the security in this prison is watertight, earning it the reputation as the most secure prison on the planet. 12 ft. high razor wire fences surround the building, while guard dogs, motion-detecting lasers and 1,400 remote-controlled steel doors make sure that inmates stay put.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Also known as the Doomsday Seed Vault, this highly secure building can be found on Spitsbergen - an island off Norway. To ensure the seed gene banks are protected from loss, it is located in a reinforced underground copper mine. It contains motion detectors, airlocks and blast-proof doors. The building can even survive a direct nuclear attack.

The Safe House

As the world's most secure private accommodation, the Safe House can be found in Warsaw in Poland. It might look like an ordinary, modern home but if the owners want the comfort of feeling 100% secure, huge metal shutters and concrete slabs kick into action to cover every window, door and gate, transforming it into a completely impenetrable fortress.

Bold Lane Car Park

It might come as a surprise to learn that a car park in Derby is the most secure multi-storey parking facility in the world. There are no specific reasons why the operators of the car park have gone all out on keeping it so highly guarded, but with parking bays protected electronically with barcodes, an array of sensors and lock down security features, car owners can feel totally confident that their vehicles won't be tampered with.

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