Access Control Systems for Safer Schools

Security is a vital component of any building, but for those in the educational sector, it is a priority concern.

Staff will want to feel reassured that they can deliver teaching in a safe environment, whilst students (and their parents) will also want to feel confident that they're not exposed to any threats during lessons or at any other time when they are on the premises. Security is important for safeguarding the welfare of staff and pupils, but also to prevent unwanted entry from intruders and to protect property from getting stolen or tampered with.

The most effective way to safeguard the security of schools and colleges is by installing effective access control systems.

In line with general advances in technology and with the advent of internet solutions, access control systems have evolved significantly over the years. Educational institutions no longer need to rely on standard keys to lock doors and prevent access to certain parts of a building. Indeed, keys offer minimal security attributes, and can easily be copied, lost or stolen. Perhaps more significantly, they fail to give any indication of who may have trespassed into a room or building.

Access control systems are smarter today than ever before, and these electronic systems can often be controlled from a central location, making them much easier to manage and operate. Using a card reader or a wireless lock system, you can electronically monitor different aspects of a site, helping to make it safer and more secure.

The beauty of installing access control systems in schools is that there's a wide choice that can be tailored to suit each establishment and its unique requirements. This could relate to anything from a small single-site primary school, right up to a large college or university across multiple sites, including student accommodation.

Many of today's access control solutions for schools use technology that makes it easy to govern who has access to a specific area using key fobs or cards, etc. These are difficult to copy, and if a card is lost or stolen or if you want to prevent someone from gaining access to an area who previously had authorisation, you can delete the card from a central hub.

The flexibility of access control systems allows you to control entry to specific areas at certain times of the day or under particular conditions - such as the entrance of a school or rooms that house sensitive or costly equipment.

With many access control systems having a digital component, they can also be used in conjunction with a wide range of other security or monitoring systems, such as CCTV cameras. This gives you a complete integrated security solution that allows you to view door alarms, surveillance cameras and audit trails. You can even receive alerts or notifications if security has been compromised - you will be able to lock down a complete facility.

For a safer environment, contact ISGUS UK. We provide a range of robust Access Control Solutions that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your educational establishment.