9 to 5

One of the most iconic films of all time, '9 to 5' stars Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as a group of almost 40 year olds who are unhappy with their working environment. It remains as relevant today as it did when it was released back in 1980. The satirical comedy revolves around three female secretaries who abduct their sexist, chauvinistic, tyrant of a boss and run the business themselves.

It struck a chord with many a beleaguered office worker, as the plot of one employee being overlooked for promotion because she was a woman rang true amongst women workers who suffered discrimination before the equal opportunities legislation was launched.

During one particularly bad day at the office, Doralee finds out their boss is circulating rumours that she's having an affair with him, so she informs him she'll "turn him from a rooster to a hen" with a gun she keeps in her purse. Office supervisor Violet confronts him about being overlooked for a promotion in favour of a male employee and Judy is upset when she hears another secretary has been unjustly fired.

Subsequently, the three women spend a drunken evening together, fantasising about killing their boss in various scenarios such as hunting him down mobster-style, roping him in like a steer or poisoning him.

However, the following day, Violet panics when she accidentally laces his coffee with rat poison, as after she realises, she finds him slumped on his office floor. She doesn't know that before he had chance to drink the coffee, he slipped off his chair and banged his head on the desk, knocking himself unconscious. Comic mayhem ensues after he is released from hospital. He threatens to have all three of them arrested for attempted murder and they kidnap him and hold him hostage while they investigate an embezzlement plot at the office.

As well as the film being a massive box office hit that made more than $103.9 million to become the 20th highest-grossing comedy film of all time, the theme song '9 to 5' by Dolly Parton was a big hit in its own right. It spent two weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, topped the US country singles chart, won the People's Choice Award for Favorite Motion Picture Song in 1981 and won two Grammy Awards for Female Country Vocal and Country Song of the year.

The lyrics rang true for many workers of the era, when flexi-time was seldom an option and 9 to 5 was the working day for the majority of the adult population: "Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living, barely getting by, it's all taking and no giving." The inevitability of clocking in at 9am and clocking out at 5pm, with every day the same, ran through the whole song, with Dolly proclaiming: "It's enough to drive you crazy if you let it!"

Today, the working environment has changed for many employees but particularly women, thanks to anti-discrimination legislation. In addition, the 9 to 5 isn't as rigid today, with flexible working hours and other solutions such as mobile working. For many employees, the dissatisfaction of the '9 to 5' has become a thing of the past in the 21st century.

Thanks to technological workplace advances, today’s Time and Attendance Management Systems are far more advanced and manageable than they were in the film '9 to 5'. ISGUS software solutions and terminals provide an efficient, cost-effective solution for businesses in many sectors such as manufacturing, transport and logistics, healthcare, the SME sector, public services, banks and insurance services. Please contact us for further details of our services.